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Hey there. It would appear that I am now the second member of this community...

You may call me Jean-Philippe, Jean-Phil, Jean, or Phil.

I enjoy Holst- my favorite work is tied between Mars and Jupiter, however the St. Paul's Stuite pulls a close second.

I don't know much about him as a person, but I love his music, so here I am.

...have you thought about advertising? :)
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'lo, Jean-Phillipe/Jean-Phil/Jean/Phil. ;) Welcome and all, and yay for being the second member, aheh. Huzzah for the Holst love!

Many <3s for Jupiter and Mars. Planetlicious. And St. Paul's bit.

And yeah. Going to advertise eventually (and hopefully t a community for Grainger, as well), but it's been a busy time. W00t. And thankee for joining.