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Hello, I'm Grace...  Is this community still alive?  I found you all while searching for people interested in Holst, because I just started a community for discussing 20th century English music called briggfair.  I'm a member of britten_love, (Benjamin Britten being my favorite), but like this community, it's very small and quiet (actually, it's smaller and quieter).  I wasn't getting my necessary dose of discussion, and plus I wanted to discuss other composers too - like dear old Holst.  So I started a more inclusive comm, in the hopes that more people would come.

So, if you'd like to discuss Holst as well as his contemporaries, maybe you'll join?  I've made a pretty banner...!  *dangles it tantalisingly in front of your eyes*

Besides, there are only a few of us there so far, and none of us are very expert on Holst.  We need Holsters.  :D

(Apologies to the mod if this is a highly inappropriate post, advertising a different community and all.  Eeep!)
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What songs did Holst do? I know this seems like an open ended question but I can only think of a few. Obviously he did the Planets, "First Suite in Eb", "Second Suite in F", and "Three Scenes from Winter"(or something like that).
Does anyone know of any more? I suppose I could google it but if one jumps out at you guys that I didn't mention it'd be nice to get a sort of description of it before I get it.

By the way Robert W. Smith is also an awesome composer that I think people here would like. He's done "The Divine Comedy" and "Salvation is Created". I personaly like "Salvation..." but the "Divine Comedy" is pretty damn cool. Especialy "The Inferno" or "The Ascension".

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HI EVERYONE! I can't believe I actually found a flippin' Holst community this is awesome. He's so brilliant in so many ways.

I've also been searching for Hammersmith (prelude & scherzo) for QUITE some time, and if anyone has it that would be willing to send it to me I'd really appreciate it... =)

my aim is wiredwalruz and my e-mail is



This is so pimp! I absolutly love Holst! So, I learned about Holst a couple years ago when my band played 2nd Suite in F and to this day Fantasia of the Dargason is my favorite song of all time. After we played that song my band played the Winter Suites and since I play horn I got a couple awesome solos. Currently my band is playing Jupiter which is a good movement but not my favorite.

Personaly, I believe that Pluto is the most underrated movement ever. I mean, just listen to the amazing horn action! It's incredible!

Anyone know any other pieces and have opinions on them. Pieces besides The Planets, The Winter Suites, 2nd Suite in F, and 1st Suite in Eb? I'm getting no where.

And on a side note, I heard Fantasia on the Dargason played by an orchestra that was exclusivly strings. I'm usually open minded about these things but it sounded disgusting compared to a band version. The cellos and the violins did the contrasting parts that the piccolo and the tuba normally do but you can't actually hear the cellos well at all and the violins are overpowering. It was just not good. Has anyone else encountered this? Just think about how it would sound if a string orchestra played Jupiter or Mars.
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holy crap, a we heart holst club!!!!! OMG I played First Suite in Eb for the first time three years ago and I was like, this man can write music so I bugged and bugged my band teacher to play another Holst song and I fell in love with Second Suite!!! because I play clarinet and got the solos!!! and I've played shorter, easier versions of Jupiter and Mars, and I looooove them too!!!! my friend and I in the senior prophecy left Gustav to our other band friend who is a junior..... love love love Holst!!! I bought my friend two fish named Gustav and Holst once.... yeah, I heart him dearly...
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    Second Suite in F by Epping High School

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Hi. I'm Sarah. Mars is my anger, Venus is my lullaby, Mercury is my laughter, Jupiter is my orgasm, Saturn is my tears, Uranus is my mysteriousness and Neptune is my psyche.

And Suite in Eb is the only piece for band I've ever really loved.

So wooyay for Holst.



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Hello my fellow Holst-aholics. I'm new to this community, but I must say that Holsts has to be the greatest ever, and I'm thoroughly impressed that someone else took the time to do something like this.
My favorite piece of his still has to be First Suite in E Flat. I have such an emotional connection to that piece that I guess I'll tell if anyone is interested in hearing. I honestly haven't heard much of his work; only the planets and First and Second Suite and a few random others on the classical station that I never quite caught the title of, but his pieces are absolutely spectacular. A lot of my screen names deal with him, and my friends tell me I might as well be his lover. They just don't understand! Anyway, I hope that there will be some good Holst-ing going on here! Ciao.