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This is so pimp! I absolutly love Holst! So, I learned about Holst a couple years ago when my band played 2nd Suite in F and to this day Fantasia of the Dargason is my favorite song of all time. After we played that song my band played the Winter Suites and since I play horn I got a couple awesome solos. Currently my band is playing Jupiter which is a good movement but not my favorite.

Personaly, I believe that Pluto is the most underrated movement ever. I mean, just listen to the amazing horn action! It's incredible!

Anyone know any other pieces and have opinions on them. Pieces besides The Planets, The Winter Suites, 2nd Suite in F, and 1st Suite in Eb? I'm getting no where.

And on a side note, I heard Fantasia on the Dargason played by an orchestra that was exclusivly strings. I'm usually open minded about these things but it sounded disgusting compared to a band version. The cellos and the violins did the contrasting parts that the piccolo and the tuba normally do but you can't actually hear the cellos well at all and the violins are overpowering. It was just not good. Has anyone else encountered this? Just think about how it would sound if a string orchestra played Jupiter or Mars.
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